Insider Trading!

What is Insider Trading?
Insider trading is when non-published information from a company is used to make a trading decision by someone with an invested interest in that company. It is illegal to engage in insider trading, but it is legal to trade your company shares as long as you follow the guidelines set by the SEC.

The husband of a BP employee has pleaded guilty to insider trading for illegal share purchases he made after overhearing his wife talking about a deal while working from home. Tyler Loudon admitted to making more than $1.7mn in illegal profits from buying up thousands of shares in TravelCenters of America ahead of its $1.3bn acquisition by BP in February 2023.

Is Insider trading something you have heard of before?


super interesting article !! i have definitely heard of insider trading and i think its especially intriguing when it involves government employees for example many people follow Nancy Pelosi’s investment decisions as she is privy to some insider information


I have heard about this before, but never really knew what exactly it meant. So more content about it would be interesting to read! Especially interested in the legality of it and what are the guidelines connected to it

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Insider trading is definitely a serious issue, and it’s unfortunate to hear about cases like this. It’s a clear violation of trust and the law.

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For sure, and it can be a very delicate area to navigate!

I will make another post and add on more information to this then.

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Yes! It’s definetly a difficult area to understand because sometimes people who commit this crime don’t understand the serious implications of it.


Thank you!