Study smarter!

We often think that when we give our all, non-stop, work hard then we’ll have better results. This is far from the truth.

Our mind gets tired, our attention can easily be distracted and we end up being less efficient.

The Pomodoro technique is based on this simple principal:

  • Study/ work for 25 minutes.
  • Have a 5-min break where you do something fun i.e. listen to music, talk to a friend
  • Tell yourself this is your reward for working for 25 minutes.
  • Go back to work or study for another 25 mins and repeat.

Have you ever practiced the Pomodoro technique?


yess! super helpful technique

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Yes, I’ve tried the Pomodoro technique and it really helps with focus and productivity! Taking those short breaks can make a big difference in maintaining energy and concentration throughout the day.

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This is a really helpful technique, if only I could get myself to sit down after that tiny 5 minute break.

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i love the pomodoro technique its helped me prevent burnout !

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I love this way of studying!

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