Teamwork: essential skill for any student

Being specialised in one area or having a range of skills doesn’t guarantee success if you can’t collaborate effectively. This, is exactly the reason why recruiters aren’t only looking for candidates with loads of experience, but also people who can effectively collaborate with others.

So, teamwork is crucial in today’s economy where most jobs require interaction with others. At any workplace, diverse teams are vital for achieving organisational goals. Here are 5 reasons why teamwork matters:

  1. Diverse Perspectives and Feedback: Team environments allow for various viewpoints in problem-solving, leading to more efficient solutions. Valuing everyone’s input fosters creativity and innovation.

  2. Learning Opportunities**: Working as a team enables individuals to learn from each other’s skills and strengths, enhancing the team’s ability to tackle cha**llenges.

  3. Efficiency and Productivity: Dividing tasks among team members and sharing responsibilities leads to improved efficiency and timely completion of projects, ultimately benefiting organizational effectiveness.

  4. Communication and Work Relationships: Effective teamwork fosters positive work relationships based on collaboration, respect, and active listening. Good communication and support among team members reduce stress and increase morale.

  5. Sense of Accomplishment: Working together towards a common goal provides a greater sense of achievement beyond individual accomplishments. Teamwork satisfies the human need for belonging and contributing to a collective effort, making it a valuable investment for everyone.

This way, as a student, it’s vital to be able to work both independently, and in a team environment. Recruiters will most likely ask you to showcase your teamwork abilities, or provide examples when you made an impact while working in your team. It’s an important skill to have, as you would eventually have to work with people from various backgrounds and experiences.

Have you ever been working in a team environment? How did it go? If it wasn’t going well at first, what steps did you take to make it work?


Teamwork skills are indispensable. On interviews I’m always asked how I handle challenges that arise when working in a team and what I learnt from the collaborative process. Its super important to have a good answer planned :rofl:


Yes, I have. Initially, we faced challenges like miscommunication and differing opinions. However, we addressed these by clarifying roles, improving communication, and actively listening to each other. This helped us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals as a team.


A key soft skill that employers are looking for.

Make sure that you show evidence of being a good team player in any job application that you make - group projects, work experience whatever, it doesn’t matter how this skill was developed.


Amen to that!

definitely second this!! so important to understand each other’s communication styles to prevent misunderstandings/tension