The significance of social work and its forever changing face

This interesting article from Social Work England highlights the importance of social work. Social work England is the main social work regulating body in the UK and works to maintain high standards of service whilst also ensuring companies work ethically and professionally.

The article highlights how the demand for social work has increased , but also how there has been an increase in social workers from overseas to meet this demand. This reflects the growing need for social workers across all establishments.

It states that London has the greatest amount of social workers per resident , with the East of England including areas like Norfolk , Suffolk , Bedfordshire with the least.

It highlights interesting patterns and how the impact of COVID and cost of living crisis has led to a greater demand for social workers. The impact of COVID has meant that teams have changed the way they work , they now work more collaboratively and use hybrid methods to reach their patients.

Check it out below for an interesting insight: Significance of social work reflected in state of the nation report - Social Work England


Social Work England sheds light on the rising demand for social work, especially in London. COVID and the cost of living crisis intensify this need. Any thoughts on this trend?