Why is it worth it getting a BPS student membership

Student membership is open to everyone studying on a BPS accredited undergraduate degree, conversion course or WPW course. As a student member you’ll get:

  • Access to dozens of events each year, including careers events where you can learn from professionals
  • Subscription to our online magazine, The Psychologist plus access to the student-run Psych-Talk
  • Access to our online community to connect and share ideas with other psychology students
  • Automatic enrolment to your local branch - meet other psychologists and expand your network
  • The chance to become a student ambassador and help support your fellow students
  • Great savings and discounts on a huge range of textbooks, events and more


Check out the benefits of your registration bellow


Membership of professional organisaitons is always helpful - and for students it’s often free too!

Benefits include careers advice including access to information about internships and placements, and the ability to move from student membership to a more professional grade once you have graduated and gone through some kind of assessment process.

For some careers (psychology, accounting etc) membership is a prerequisite for being able to practise.


Are there specific events or resources you’ve found particularly valuable as a psychology student?

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A very useful information! Have never heard about it before, will check it out for sure. Cause the benefits sound inviting for sure


I didn’t know about this! super useful thankss


I think being able to access those extra opportunities like internships etc. either form the fair or the contacts is the main win for me

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