30 Educational TikTok Accounts Across Subjects

In the era of short-form content and rapid information consumption, TikTok has emerged as more than just a platform for entertainment. It’s become a hub for learning, where educators, scientists, historians, and experts across various fields share their knowledge in engaging and accessible ways.
List of educational TikTok accounts across various subjects:


  • mathswithmisschang: Offers math problem-solving tips and shares interesting math problems.
  • iteachalgebra: Teaches basic algebraic and geometric principles through fun videos and memes.
  • storybookmaze: Revolutionizes access to books in Baltimore and offers expert recommendations for readers.
  • alphaeducation: Focuses on SAT math preparation.


  • physicsdude: Describes physics and math concepts understandably and concisely.
  • thephysicsgirl: Shares absorbing content about physical processes in a shorter format.
  • billnye: Explains scientific facts in entertaining ways.
  • mrs.b.tv: Demonstrates fun and easy home experiments to explain scientific concepts.
  • stevespangler: Shows fun scientific experiments and shares the facts behind them.
  • neildegrassetyson: Shares quick takes on scientific questions and misconceptions.
  • styro_pyro: Shares fascinating scientific occurrences and engineering insights.
  • discovery: Offers educational content on various topics from the animal kingdom to technological advancements.


  • coolchemistryguy: Shows fun reactions between substances and teaches about their properties.
  • nilered: Teaches about the properties of different materials and their interactions.
  • chemteacherphil: Performs chemistry experiments and explains the science behind them in a charismatic manner.

Medicine and Human Body:

  • instituteofhumananatomy: Shares fascinating facts and answers questions about the human body.
  • medicineexplained: Explains medical facts and debunks common misconceptions using colorful paper cutouts.
  • med_kelvin: Shares enthralling medical facts about rare diseases.
  • jakegoodman.med: Talks about the human body and supports med students and future doctors.

Animal Kingdom:

  • aquariumpacific: Follows the lives of marine animals and features caretakers sharing interesting information.
  • jayprehistoricpets: Shares amazing facts about unusual animals, particularly reptiles.


  • marktilbury: Posts educational content on managing funds and earning more.
  • humphreytalks: Teaches about personal finance management.


  • englishwithgeet: Teaches American English to foreigners with helpful tips.
  • spanishteacher: Provides helpful tips for Spanish language learners.


  • historyavenue: Posts about unusual and overlooked history facts.
  • history.time_: Shares interesting historical facts and videos of important events.


  • minuteearth: Tells amazing facts about the planet and science using fun animations.
  • engineeringdaily: Covers technological processes and advancements.
  • blondiebytes: Talks about software engineering and programming, answering frequently asked questions.

It’s truly fascinating to see how TikTok has evolved beyond just entertainment and become a platform for educational content across a wide range of subjects.

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Thanks for sharing these educational accounts!! I’ll definitely check them out for some quick and engaging learning sessions! :grin:

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i love hank green and nile red! It’s awesome how TikTok has transformed into a learning hub. i swear i learn so much on that app, its my number 1 source for everything lol

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Will check out a few of them for sure! It’s interesting how TikTok has a potential to not only serve as entertainment, but also a new way of learning

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