Can I get into finance as a politics student?

Finance can be a viable career option for politics students for several reasons:

Transferable Skills: Politics students often develop strong analytical, research, and communication skills, which are highly valued in the finance industry.

Understanding of Policy: A background in politics can provide insights into how government policies and regulations impact financial markets, making politics students well-equipped to navigate complex financial environments.

Political Risk Analysis: Many finance roles, such as investment banking and international finance, involve assessing political risks. A politics student may have a deeper understanding of geopolitical dynamics, which is valuable in these roles.

Networking Opportunities: Politics students often have access to a wide network of professionals in government, think tanks, and advocacy groups, which can be beneficial for career advancement in finance.

Diverse Perspectives: Finance firms value diversity of thought and perspectives. A background in politics can bring a unique viewpoint to financial decision-making processes.

Career Flexibility: Finance offers a diverse range of career paths, including banking, asset management, consulting, and more. Politics students can leverage their skills and knowledge to explore different areas within finance that align with their interests and goals.

If your looking to get into finance seek internships and Insight days with Banks and consultancy organisations.


Thanks for the heads up!


I never thought about how studying politics could lead to a career in finance, but it makes so much sense!


The flexibility and a lot of potential career path is what always attracted me to working in the finance industry. Not even surprised that politics majors would thrive in such environment too!

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this is some great information!