'Don't learn coding' says Nvidia CEO

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang believes AI has advanced to the point at which it’s no longer necessary to prioritize computer science and coding education for the world’s youth.

Apologies to the past decade of CompSci grads, but your college years would have been better spent gaining expertise in areas like science, manufacturing or farming, Huang declared at the recent World Governments Summit in Dubai.

“You probably recall over the course of the last 10, 15 years almost everybody who sits on a stage like this would tell you it is vital that children learn computer science,” Huang explained during a talk about the future of AI. “Now, it’s almost the complete opposite.”

The miracle of artificial intelligence (aside from causing Nvidia’s influence and stock price to skyrocket) is the fact that it’ll make everyone into a programmer, Huang argued.

“This is the reason why so many people [are] talking about artificial intelligence today because for the very first time you can imagine everybody in your company being a technologist,” he continued. “The technology divide has been completely closed.”

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Honestly I’ll have to disagree. Coding is still a hugely important skill, and it’s not just about writing lines of code to make it work but also applying software engineering principles to create robust systems. Through some of my CS modules I’m 100% telling you that you need to know things like design patterns, SOLID, etc, to actually build good systems.

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Totally agree with you, @Silver!

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I much prefer a world where people can look under the covers and understand what’s going on, rather than leaving it to AI. That’s what a healthy relationship with AI would look like.


Interesting perspective from Jensen Huang! It’s a bold claim that AI will make everyone a programmer. I’m curious to know what others think about this. Do you believe that prioritising computer science and coding education is becoming less crucial with the advancements in AI, or do you see coding skills remaining valuable in the future job market?

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