How to improve public speaking skills?

There is no doubt that public speaking skills are useful in politics , you may be required to deliver a speech , lead meetings and deliver talks so its a great idea to look at ways at improving your confidence.

Improving public speaking skills is a valuable endeavour that can benefit personal and professional growth. Here are some effective ways to enhance your public speaking skills:

  1. Practice Regularly:
  • The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become. Practice in front of a mirror, record yourself, or present to a small and supportive audience.
  1. Join a Toastmasters Club:
  • Toastmasters International is a global organization that helps individuals improve their communication and leadership skills. Joining a local club provides a structured and supportive environment for practicing public speaking. There may also be clubs and universities that can help strengthen your skills.
  1. Focus on Breathing and Relaxation Techniques:
  • Deep breathing and relaxation exercises can help manage nervousness and anxiety. Practice mindfulness or meditation to stay calm and focused before speaking.
  1. Know Your Audience:
  • Tailor your message to your audience’s interests and needs. Understanding who you are speaking to will help you connect with them more effectively.
  1. Organize Your Content:
  • Structure your speech with a clear introduction, main points, and conclusion. Use signposts or transitions to guide your audience through the presentation.
  1. Work on Non-Verbal Communication:
  • Pay attention to your body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Maintain eye contact with your audience, stand tall, and use hand movements purposefully.
  1. Vary Your Voice:
  • Experiment with pitch, tone, and pace to keep your audience engaged. Avoid a monotone delivery and use emphasis to highlight key points.
  1. Use Visual Aids Effectively:
  • If appropriate, incorporate visuals like slides, images, or props to enhance your message. Ensure that visual aids support rather than distract from your speech.
  1. Seek Constructive Feedback:
  • Encourage honest feedback from peers, mentors, or audience members. Constructive criticism can help you identify areas for improvement and build on your strengths.
  1. Watch and Learn from Others:
  • Attend speeches or watch TED Talks, conferences, lectures or online presentations. Observe effective speakers, analyse their techniques, and incorporate elements that resonate with you into your own style.
  1. Improve Your Vocabulary:
  • Expand your vocabulary to articulate ideas more precisely and express yourself with clarity. Avoid jargon or overly complex language unless your audience is familiar with it.
  1. Engage Your Audience:
  • Encourage interaction, ask questions, or use anecdotes to involve your audience. A more engaged audience is likely to be more receptive to your message.
  1. Learn from Mistakes:
  • Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities. Evaluate what went well and what can be improved, and use this knowledge to enhance your future presentations.
  1. Take a Public Speaking Course:
  • Consider enrolling in a public speaking course, either online or in-person, to receive formal instruction and guidance from experienced instructors.

Remember that improvement takes time and consistent effort. Public speaking is a skill that can be developed with dedication and practice.


Great tips here! I find lots of practice and using body language and gestures effectively has a massive impact on speaking with confidence


Amazing tips! Public speaking skill is a crucial skill to have that massively improves anyone’s employability prospects🤗


great tips!


Amazing tips, I feel like everyone should be good at public speaking.


I’m not super confident when it comes to public speaking really but I have a habit of forgetting that nervous feeling you get just before you have to step up. I try to look at the task in hand at face value, what’s the purpose and what am I trying to achieve? I get zoned into that and forget about the audience, I’m just focused on making sure I say everything I want and get the message across.