Insights from Europe's Leading Neuroscientist

In this captivating interview with Baroness Susan Greenfield, Martyn Newman explores the profound implications of neuroscience on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and human behaviour in the digital age. From neuroplasticity to the impact of screen culture, Susan Greenfield sheds light on the evolving landscape of human cognition and social interaction.

Key Concepts:

  • Neuroplasticity and Experience:
    • Understanding how the brain adapts to environmental stimuli, shaping individual thought processes and behaviour.
    • The influence of unique experiences on brain connectivity and neuroplastic changes.
  • Impact of Screen Culture:
    • Examination of how digital technologies affect interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence.
    • Concerns about potential compromises to emotional skills due to reduced face-to-face interactions.
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Business:
    • Recognising the changing consumer landscape and adapting business strategies to cater to evolving needs.
    • Opportunities for innovation in products and services that address the sensory and emotional aspects of consumer experiences.
  • Relationships and Emotional Skills:
    • Importance of emotional skills and relationship-building in personal and professional success.
    • Strategies for fostering successful relationships, including the significance of shared meals, outdoor activities, and storytelling.

How can individuals and organisations leverage insights from neuroscience to enhance emotional intelligence and cultivate meaningful relationships in an increasingly digital world?


this interview sounds fascinating! I never realised how much neuroscience could impact our emotional intelligence and behaviour, especially in the digital age


The more you know :rainbow:


Screen culture and its affects are definitely one of those things that i’m very interested in! Seeing how techology became a huge part of our lives, i feel like it’s quite significant to understand the effect it has on us

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super fascinating insights!

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