Patients have better outcomes with female surgeons, studies find

Two extensive studies from Canada and Sweden, involving over a million patient records, reveal that surgeries performed by female surgeons result in fewer complications and post-operative issues compared to those by male surgeons. The findings suggest that the deliberate and slower approach of female surgeons contributes to better outcomes. The studies recommend that male surgeons reflect on and potentially adopt some practices from their female colleagues. The results underscore the importance of evolving surgical practices and promoting gender diversity in the field.


the article really shows the need for diverse perspectives and practices in surgery, what r your thoughts?


Medicine is changing fast, and is hugely different to how it was only 20 years ago.

This is a huge study

Doctors in Canada and Sweden reviewed more than 1m patient records from two separate medical registers …

and has enormous significance in many respects, not least for medical training and the selection of students for medical school.

One would hope that doctors learning from their colleagues is common-place nowadays, with a similar culture pertaining as in the airline industry, where deference to senior colleagues without question has been replaced by a much more open culture.


It’s important to recognise the strengths and differences in approaches between male and female surgeons. I wonder how this research might influence training programs and the overall culture in the field


Is it because women tend to pay more attention to details? Just a thought!

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Not sure about surgeons but I remember the female nurses at the local GP being more caring and thoughtful whenever I would get injections for my vaccinations, I would always dread that one male nurse that would just get on with it and stick the needle in at a near vertical angle, almost felt like he was trying to hurt me on purpose.