Pregabalin: What is it and why can it be dangerous?

Pregabalin, a prescription drug used to treat conditions like epilepsy and nerve pain, has been associated with numerous deaths in the UK and globally. While legal when prescribed, many users obtain it illegally from unregulated sources. Pregabalin can induce a calming effect similar to tranquilizers or alcohol, leading to misuse and addiction, especially when combined with other drugs. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and sudden cessation is not recommended without medical advice. Despite being classified as a class C drug, pregabalin abuse is on the rise, with significant seizures by law enforcement agencies. Its abuse and associated deaths have been reported worldwide, indicating a concerning global trend.


I had no idea about the dangers surrounding pregabalin. It’s scary to think about how easily accessible it can be.

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I have never heard of this before, if i’m being honest. The withdrawal symptomps sound quite horrible, if i’m being honest :face_with_peeking_eye: