The Global Peace Index - Why is it so useful for students?

A Global Peace Index (GPI) is useful to politics students for several reasons:

Understanding International Relations: Politics students gain insights into the dynamics of international relations by studying the GPI. They can analyse trends in peace and conflict across different regions and countries, helping them understand the factors that contribute to stability or instability in the global arena.

Comparative Analysis: The GPI provides a comparative framework for analysing the relative levels of peace among countries. Politics students can examine the rankings and scores to identify patterns and differences in peacebuilding efforts, governance structures, and conflict resolution mechanisms across nations.

Policy Analysis: Studying the GPI equips politics students with valuable information for assessing the effectiveness of various peacebuilding policies and strategies implemented by governments and international organizations. They can evaluate the impact of policies on promoting peace and reducing violence within and between countries.

Conflict Prevention and Resolution: By examining the indicators and factors influencing peace in the GPI, politics students can develop a deeper understanding of the root causes of conflict and identify potential avenues for conflict prevention and resolution. This knowledge is essential for policymakers and practitioners working in peacebuilding and conflict resolution efforts.

Advocacy and Activism: Armed with insights from the GPI, politics students can advocate for policies and initiatives aimed at promoting peace and reducing violence globally. They can engage in activism, raise awareness, and mobilize support for initiatives that contribute to building a more peaceful and stable world.

Academic Research: The GPI serves as a valuable resource for politics students conducting academic research on topics related to peace, conflict, and security studies. They can use the index as a source of data and analysis to support their research findings and contribute to the scholarly discourse on peace and security.

The Global Peace Index is a valuable tool for politics students to deepen their understanding of international relations, analyse peace and conflict dynamics, evaluate peacebuilding policies, and contribute to efforts aimed at fostering a more peaceful and secure world.

Check it out here as well as the UK Peace index:

Global Peace Index Map » The Most & Least Peaceful Countries (
UK Peace Index Map (2003 - 2012) » Most and least peaceful states in UK (


The Global Peace Index indeed seems like an invaluable resource for politics students. It provides a comprehensive understanding of international relations and offers tools for analyzing and advocating for global peace. Thank you for sharing!


Us geographers also often lean on this index!


have you ever delved into the GPI for any of your studies? It seems like it could offer so much insight into the dynamics of peace and conflict across different regions.

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Definitely a must-have resource for anyone interested in global peace and conflict resolution

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Not yet, but I imagine it is particularly useful in comparative politics.

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