The Unusual Career Journey of a Wild Animal Welfare Warrior!

Discover the fascinating academic and professional journey of Jane, a dedicated advocate for wild animal welfare. From her unexpected dream of a seagull sanctuary to shaping wildlife policies, this interview unveils the unique twists and turns that led her to her current role as a Partner Avian Biologist.

Key Points:

  • Academic Evolution:
    • Master’s in natural resources with a focus on ecosystem resilience.
    • Transition from land-based work to a keen interest in individual animal issues.
    • Chance encounter with a co-founder of Wild Animal Initiative.
  • Passion for Seagulls:
    • Jane’s interest in seagulls and the desire to start a sanctuary for them.
    • Emphasis on individual animal welfare, even in non-conservation species.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Experience:
    • Worked at the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan.
    • Involved in animal care, volunteer training, and clinical procedures.
  • Balancing Individual and Landscape Impact:
    • Jane’s pursuit of a balance between working with individual animals and landscape management.
  • New Role as a Partner Avian Biologist:
    • Joining the state of West Virginia’s Division of Natural Resources.
    • Responsibilities include public outreach and bird monitoring.
    • Targeting landscape management for the recovery of cerulean warblers.
  • Impact of Wild Animal Initiative:
    • Jane’s role in introducing conservation concepts to Wild Animal Initiative.
    • Bridging the gap between conservation, restoration ecology, and animal welfare.
  • Proud Achievements:
    • Personal growth in communication and project management skills.
    • Writing articles, conference papers, and presenting at the Society for Ecological Restoration conference.
    • Collaboration with partners on projects like the pigeon project.

Have you ever had a unique dream or passion that unexpectedly shaped your career path, and how did it influence your journey?