Can you work two paralegal job at once?

This is a genuine question that a person asked on Reddit. When you are hired by a law firm, there usually is a clause in your contract that prohibits you from getting a second job so that it ensures that you are fully committed, considering that as a paralegal you most likely need to work extra hours. Check out the article below to see Reddit’s reaction on his question:

Paralegal asks if it’s OK to get a second job… as a paralegal - Legal Cheek


Yeh i think even without the specifics of reddit’s reactions, it’s common for law firms to restrict second jobs to ensure full commitment. but how did the reddit community respond to this perspective?

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Some people thought that you should under no circumstances be able to this because of the clause in the contract that restricts you from doing some, while others saw nothing wrong with it for some reason :sweat_smile:

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Not sure if this is even a thing but could you freelance as a paralegal?

Strangely enough - yes! But these opportunities are quite rare.